What if.....

What if the end goal of time at the dye-pot or on the wheel and loom is not a color, yarn, or a weaving? What if we shift the significance beyond the process? What if we take the 30-year view instead of the 3-week or 3-month view?

What if we look at the work we do as makers within the context of doing great work that creates a generous community, a world in which we want to live? What does that look like?

Would you rather create art or an artful life? Is it possible to do both? Yes, but I believe it takes an intentional widening of scope and making decisions that might not have any benefit, in fact they might be seen as a setback, for many years or even your lifetime. 

I wrote this passage after a somewhat strenuous bout on the rowing machine. I shared it with Katie Treggiden when we spoke about the panel. And then I shared it with the panel at the Tate last week.

I was invited by Katie, author of Weaving Contemporary Makers on the Loom, to participate on a panel at the Tate Modern to celebrate the launch of the publication. It was an honor to join Karin Carlander, Eleanor Pritchard, and Jen Keane, each a fellow weaver, dreamer, and seeker. And, of course, we were also joined by the spirt of Anni Albers and her wonderful exhibition at the Tate. The evening was filled with shared stories and interesting questions. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn and be among intellectually curious souls that I hope one day deepen into friendships. To think that this evening was the result of taking fiber, turning it into yarn, and making it into cloth. I will never have to wonder why I do what I do anymore.