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Thank you for finding me here. I am Lauren Chang, a spinner, dyer and weaver, and Interstitial Spaces is where I share my textile work and writings. Drawing from a wide variety of fiber and natural dyes, I create yarns and cloth that reflect the interdependence and rhythm of life and my pursuit of craftsmanship.

I spent 15 years working as a textile conservator, which required the in-depth study of the materials and techniques of a vast array of world textile traditions. I was drawn to conservation because of the insight close examination of objects can provide into the society that produced them. Now, as a maker, I work from the perspective of how my practice might shape the world in which we live.

Seeking the human element and a desire to marry my knowledge of textile history and technical analyses, I have returned to the most basic work of creating yarns. I collaborate with farmers and shepherds to source fibers for these yarns which I either use in their natural colors or dye to create a palette that combines my experience with historic collections with my own sense of place, namely California. These yarns are then worked into unique garments that are physical embodiments of my relationships, the seasonality of materials, and the research and hand work of my collective experience.

I am available for custom work, collaborations, and instruction.